Busking Spots update … this Sunday, July 23rd, we have a violin and cello duo from the Essex Youth Orchestra busking at the café between 12noon and 2pm. Please do come for lunch, a drink or two, ice cream, or cake and lounge in the new Art Fund deck chairs!

We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the weather will be ok!

It is advisable to book for lunch .. call Hilary on 07900 683 093 to reserve a table.

For any [acoustic] musicians out there who would like to take part in the July Busking Program there are still a couple of gaps in the schedule … let us know if you’d like to participate


For 2017 the Museum will launch a new exhibition: In Focus: Munnings and the River. The exhibition will explore Sir Alfred Munnings’ artistic and literary responses to a subject with which he had a great affinity and which remained a constant motif throughout his life’s work.

Check out the museum website for further details The Munnings Art Museum

And for details of the events and workshops for 2017 please visit Museum Events 2017